• Fit Boxing

    Let your fists do the talking. Watch your burnt calories meter go up.
  • Free Style

    Master variety of weapons (blades, tonfas, phasers, staff, saw) for perfect play.

  • VR Health Institute Award
  • Real 360 & The Club

    Dominate futuristic space station by playing from all angles or enter ultimate calories burner in The Club, where song speed increases every second.
  • Multiplayer & Championship

    Join a friend in a lobby where you can enable voice-chat to speak to each other and see each other's avatar. Or enter championship mode for any number of simultaneous players.
  • Custom Songs and Videos

    60+ songs and videos are included in the game. Want more? Create your own songs using provided level editor or import existing ones from community (ModSaber format supported so you can download songs from popular sites such as BeastSaber or generate songs from YouTube videos using Beat Sage AI etc.)